Upgrade your plastic, hand-made composite fillings, to stronger, longer-lasting ceramic inlays with CEREC.

If you want a filling that won’t need replacement as often, and has less long-term sensitivity, we are one of the few clinics with the technology to give you a much longer-lasting solution.


90 mins minimum

The Problem

Hand-made white plastic fillings are built up in layers, and set with a ‘blue light’ which makes them go from a soft putty texture to a hard plastic. However, as they harden, they also shrink upto 5% of the volume. This pulls the filling away from the cavity walls a little, and also puts it under stress. This reduces the longevity of fillings & increases the chances of sensitivity and staining.

The Solution

CEREC inlays are machine-cut from a solid block of ceramic and cemented into the tooth. This significantly reduces the negative effects of shrinkage that plastic fillings have, meaning that these restorations can last upto 3 times longer! Plus, they are computer-designed for greater precision and aesthetics. Ceramic is also much stronger than plastic, and not needing your fillings replaced so frequently dramatically reduces your future need for root canals & crowns.

  • Only one visit, no 2 week wait for a lab-made inlay. No second injection needed another day.
  • Long lasting & durable (95% proven long-term stability). Inlays last upto 3x longer than fillings.
  • Machine-cut from a single solid block of hard ceramic, not built up by hand, in layers, like fillings. Can withstand forces of up to 500 megapascals!
  • Does not shrink while hardening like fillings, leading to micro-gaps & sensitivity.
  • Ceramics are bio-compatible & expand/contract to hot/cold so there is little to no sensitivity.
  • Protects teeth against spreading micro-cracks (reducing the negative effects of Cracked Tooth Syndrome).
  • No danger of mercury or other metals & never any unsightly black lines around teeth.
  • Perfect aesthetics with beautiful computer-generated designs & 17 tooth-shades to choose from.
  • Translucent ceramic allows light to pass through giving a natural look.
  • Unquestionably the most cost-effective restoration we have available today.


Price range

395€ for one surface inlays, to 555€ for 5 surface inlays/overlays.  Some may be priced higher due to complexity, access & depth, but you will be informed of this ahead of time in your customised quotation.

* Priced based on # surfaces