The Most Modern & Advanced Dental Clinic in Marbella

A Multi-Specialist Dental Clinic in Marbella With The Latest Dental Technology

The Clinic Design

R&H DENTAL is the latest and most modern dental clinic in Marbella. The clinic design is a reflection of our practice philosophy: excellence in every detail. Minimalist in style, and striking in appearance, it has been the talk of the town since it's construction from brand new. We chose a white and glassy color scheme to represent excellence, simplicity, and cleanliness (as a reflection of our world-class sterilization standards).

Most Technologically Advanced Clinic in Marbella

R&H DENTAL is one of the only dental clinics in Marbella to have a full facial 3D x-ray machine to take the guess-work out of diagnosis.This enhances safety and precision in all treatments, especially dental implants and oral surgery. This is the industry gold standard for an excellent result and we made the necessary investment to be able to offer this service to our patients. If your current dentist does not have a 3D full facial x-ray machine, we also offer a service to image these here, on their behalf.

A Multi-Specialists Clinic

As a multi-specialist dental clinic we have many dental suites, and all the facilities needed to offer every possible treatment option, so that you won have to go anywhere else.

World Class Sterilization Practices

Amongst dentists and their staff you hear scary stories of some dental clinics that take short-cuts with their sterilization and disinfection practices, like not changing dental drills between patients, or not wiping down with anti-septics all touched surfaces after a patient leaves. At R&H DENTAL we are dedicated to taking 'universal precautions', which means, assume every patient has every infectious disease possible, and always sterilize every piece of dental equipment. Also, you'll notice when you visit us that we even have disposable, surgical-grade, physical barriers on commonly touched surfaces, like dental light handles, door handles etc. to ensure the highest hygiene practices possible.