Extractions & Oral Surgery in Marbella

Including 3D x-rays for precise wisdom tooth removal in Marbella


30-90 mins

Oral Surgery Options in Marbella

Our specialists are trained in surgical procedures ranging from sinus lifts prior to implant placement, to exposing 'buried' teeth ready to pull them down into place with orthodontics, to apicectomies (removing the infected tip of tooth that has had a root canal but won't settle down), to of course removing impacted wisdom teeth that are not erupting properly into the mouth and therefore causing problems.

Dental Extractions in Marbella

At R&H Dental, we take great care to ensure that our patients are comfortable and safe during dental extraction procedures. We use modern techniques and tools to minimize pain and bleeding, and always treat our patients with compassion and understanding. Our dentists are highly trained and experienced in performing extractions, which ensures a safe and efficient experience for our patients. We work closely with each patient to understand their needs and concerns and provide personalized care to ensure that each extraction is as comfortable and safe as possible. In summary, at R&H Dental, we take the care of our patients very seriously and do everything possible to ensure that their extraction experience is as positive as possible.

Surgically-Extracted Wisdom Teeth in Marbella

Not all wisdom teeth need to be surgically extracted by a dentist. It’s only when there is not enough space in your mouth for the teeth to erupt properly into place that they either get partially or completely impacted (or ‘stuck’) in your jaw bone. Oftentimes when you have a wisdom tooth that can’t properly erupt into the mouth, the overlying gums gets predisposed to repeated bouts of infection (a condition known as ‘pericoronitis’). Pericoronitis can result in intense pain, difficulty opening your mouth, swelling, and a terrible taste in your mouth. After we resolve this infection with a course of antibiotics, the next step is to prepare an appointment to extract your wisdom teeth, before this problem keeps occurring again and again.

Our safety and efficacy in oral surgical procedures is second to none given the fact that we have one of the only 3D full facial x-ray machines in Marbella. For example, when surgically removing an impacted wisdom tooth, we can see exactly where the jaw nerve that always runs close to this tooth is in relation to the roots of that tooth, thereby greatly eliminating the risk of cutting this nerve and causing long-term numbness of your lower lip.

When do you need your wisdom teeth extracted?

Repeated bouts of gum infections around your wisdom teeth

Decaying wisdom teeth, because it’s hard to keep them clean

Pain and difficulty opening your mouth fully

Before orthodontic treatment to create space

If the impacted wisdom tooth is forming a food trap and decaying the tooth in front of it

Apicectomies in Marbella

When a root canal won’t respond sufficiently to treatment, we can surgically remove the tip of the tooth thus resolving the on-going problems. If you’ve had an unresolved infection assoicated with a previous root canal treatment, we would first have re-treat your old root canal, and if it still doesn’t completely resolve, we would perform an apicectomy (and restore with an advanced material called MTA).

At R&H Dental we have two specialist periodontal surgeons who are trained experts in carrying out this type of surgery. If you are a patient of another dental clinic and your dentist has advised you need this surgery, we would be happy to carry this out on their behalf.

Sinus Surgery in Marbella

We have a vast array of oral surgical procedures, often used in conjunction with implant surgery. Alveolar ridge regeneration with bone, for example, is a common supplement to our implant surgeries. For upper implant surgery cases with insufficient bone we can do a maxillary sinus-lift to provide strong bone to support your implant/s.

There are two types of sinus surgery: open and closed, the former being surgically a little more invasive, but sometimes this is essential in order to be able to build the correct amount of bone need to allow your implants to be stable long term. The type of surgery you need will be determined by your periodontal and dental implant specialist during your consultation.

Sedation Options

Our clinic is equipped and designed in such a way that in case a patient needs to sleep, either partially (sedation) or totally (general anaesthesia), we can offer this service. We work with a specialist anaesthesiologist from the hospital who comes to our dental clinic and performs this service. This is an excellent option for patients who are afraid to go to the dentist, and particularly when undergoing major surgery such as multiple implants or wisdom tooth extraction.

We also provide the option of oral sedation and inhalation sedation to help calm patients who have less severe dental anxiety. Ask your dentist about these options if you suffer from any type of dental phobia.

These are just a few of the most common oral surgical procedures we perform at R&H Dental in Marbella. For a full description you can book in for a free consultation with one of our dental surgeons.

Frequently Asked Questions about a Extractions and Oral Surgery in Marbella

Is oral surgery for dental extractions painful?

Oral surgery for dental extractions is typically performed under local anesthesia, ensuring that you do not feel pain during the procedure. Some post-surgery discomfort is common and can be managed with prescribed pain medication.

What are the potential complications of not undergoing necessary dental extractions and oral surgery?

Delaying necessary dental extractions and oral surgery can lead to worsening oral health problems, including infections, pain, and damage to adjacent teeth and tissues.

Can I eat normally after dental extractions and oral surgery?

You'll need to stick to a soft diet for a few days following oral surgery, gradually transitioning to your regular diet as you heal. Your dentist will provide specific dietary recommendations.

Is it safe to undergo dental extractions and oral surgery during pregnancy?

Dental extractions and oral surgery can be performed safely during pregnancy, especially if there's an infection or a risk to your oral health. Always inform your dentist about your pregnancy for proper precautions.

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Price range

119€ for simple extractions - 189€ for complex (impacted wisdom teeth could potentially be more, and you will be informed about this in your customised quotation).

119-189€ for extractions