Dental Emergencies in Marbella

Toothache in Marbella
Welcome to R&H Dental Clinic, your go-to emergency dentist in Marbella. We understand that dental emergencies can strike unexpectedly and cause immense discomfort. Our experienced team is here to provide immediate and compassionate care, ensuring you receive the best treatment for your urgent dental needs.

Our Services

At R&H Dental Clinic, we offer a wide range of emergency dental services to address various dental issues, including:

Toothaches in Marbella

If you're experiencing a toothache in Marbella, don't wait! Contact our emergency dental team immediately for prompt evaluation and relief from the pain.


Broken Teeth Repair

Accidents can happen at any time, causing broken teeth. Our skilled dentists can swiftly repair and restore your broken teeth to their natural function and aesthetics.


Acute Dental Infection

Dental infections can escalate rapidly, leading to severe pain and discomfort. Our team specializes in managing and treating acute dental infections to prevent further complications.


Lost Fillings or Crowns

Losing a dental filling or crown can be concerning. Our emergency dental care includes re-cementing or replacing lost dental restorations to protect your teeth from further damage.


Trauma and Dental Injuries

Dental injuries resulting from accidents need immediate attention. Our experienced dentists are equipped to handle dental trauma and save damaged teeth.

Why Choose R&H Dental Clinic for Dental Emergencies in Marbella?


Experienced Emergency Dentist

Our team of highly skilled dentists has vast experience in handling dental emergencies, ensuring you receive top-notch care.


State-of-the-Art Technology

We utilize advanced dental technology to accurately diagnose and treat dental emergencies, enhancing the effectiveness of our treatments.


Compassionate and Supportive Care

We understand the anxiety and fear that dental emergencies can cause. Our caring team strives to provide a calm and supportive environment throughout your visit.


Conveniently Located in Marbella

Our dental clinic is centrally located in Marbella, making it easily accessible for all residents in need of emergency dental care.


Contact us to help resolve your dental emergency

If you are facing a dental emergency in Marbella or have a toothache that requires immediate attention, don't hesitate to call R&H Dental Clinic at +34 952 81 44 44. Our team is ready to provide prompt care and alleviate your dental pain.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dental Emergencies

Is there a cost?

Yes, same day dental emergency appointments cost 60€, in addition to any treatment carried out, except if you just need a prescription, which is included in the 60€.

If I need antibiotics, how long before they work?

Typically it takes 24-48 hours for your pain to start disappearing.

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