Dental Guarantee Policy in Marbella

We are the only dental clinic in Marbella with a formal written dental guarantee policy




Lifetime: Dental Implants, Periodontal Treatment 


5 years: Crowns, Bridges, Veneers, Ceramic (CEREC) Inlays/Onlays/Overlays


2 years: Fillings, Root Canals, Orthodontics, Partial & Complete Dentures



Important Note:  We are one of the only dental clinics confidant enough in the quality of our work that we provide the possibility of a guarantee, but the guarantee is only valid under the strict conditions outlined below, and non-fulfilment of any point immediately nullifies the guarantee.  We thank you for your understanding.



General conditions of the Guarantee:



A guarantee will be provided on the following general conditions:

    1. The patient attends R&H DENTAL every 6 months for a check up.
    2. The patient receives a professional maintenance cleaning at R&H DENTAL every 6 months (or every 3 months if they have had a history of periodontal disease).
  • The patient treats any disease or problems encountered during their check up within 30 days of its diagnosis.
  1. All check ups and cleanings must be performed exclusively at R&H DENTAL.
  2. There is a grace period of up to 30 days for check-ups and cleanings, if a patient attends after this they may do so but any guarantee on past work is void.
  3. The guarantee is only valid if the entire mouth is restored at R&H DENTAL once diagnosis of any disease is made.  Untreated disease will affect the health of treated areas, thus nullifying the guarantee.  All disease must be eliminated within 30 days of its diagnosis for the patient to qualify for the guarantee.  
  4. Any treatments performed against the recommendation of the dentist will not be under the guarantee agreement.  For example, a large filling that really needs to be protected with a crown, if it should break will not be covered by the guarantee; a root canal treatment with a poor prognosis that should ideally have been extracted; a filling on a tooth with a potential crack that may need root canal treatment and/or a crown (cracked tooth syndrome) etc.
  5. If a patient has a grinding habit (bruxism), and has been prescribed a bite splint, this must be worn at least every night when sleeping for the guarantee to remain valid.  An examination of this bite splint will be necessary to confirm it has been worn correctly and routinely every night for the guarantee to remain valid.  A guarantee is not valid nor issued in patients with an extreme grinding habits with/without an accompanying deep overbite.  Patients with large full or partial mouth reconstructions and no grinding habit but who were issued a bite splint must also wear it every night for the guarantee to remain valid.
  6. If a patient has been diagnosed or there is oral evidence of gastric reflux or bulimia any work cannot be covered under the guarantee.
  7. Any damage done to the mouth due to an accident or a self-inflicted injury will not be covered under the guarantee.
  8. The basic standards of oral hygiene must be practiced daily for the guarantee to remain valid.  Should there be any doubts as to whether basic oral hygiene has been practiced, an outside third-party dental professional can be requested to determine this.
  9. The guarantee is in the form of either a free repair or replacement, and is not on a cash-back basis.  Under certain conditions (see below), credit may be given to a patient towards the costs of another treatment performed at R&H DENTAL
  10. If any other dentist at another dental clinic does any work in your mouth subsequent to work done at R&H DENTAL, the guarantee is thus annulled, as all treatment must be carried out at exclusively at R&H DENTAL to maintain quality control.

Treatment specific conditions of the Guarantee:

  1. Implants: If the implant should break, or be lost due to undiagnosed periodontal disease then we will replace it for free, under the strict condition that the patient attends every 6 monthly check-up and carries out any treatment required, and every 6 month gets a maintenance cleaning strictly only at R&H DENTAL where we can control the quality and efficacy of the cleaning.  Periodontal patients must get a cleaning every 3 months for the guarantee to remain valid.  Failure to meet any of the above conditions voids the warranty.  Also the guarantee strictly does not apply to smokers, as no implant survival can be guaranteed for smokers, regardless of implant quality, or on-going cleanings and check-ups.  The implant guarantee pertains to the implant and not the crown over the implant, the guarantee of the crown is under our crowns guarantee category.
  2. Fillings: Should any of the filling material chip off during the guarantee period it will be repaired without any additional charge to the patient.  Any prolonged sensitivity due to a deep filling is not under guarantee, as this is the natural consequence of leaving decaying lesions to grow big and deep. The dentist will inform the patient if there is a risk of ongoing sensitivity either prior to beginning the filling, or immediately after it is placed (if they discover the decay had burrowed itself deeply).  Should the sensitivity or ongoing pain be due to evidence of ‘cracked tooth syndrome’ this is also not covered under the guarantee.  If the patient needs a root canal, crown (or other) to alleviate the sensitivity or ongoing pain, this will be charged separately.
  3. Root Canals: For the guarantee to be valid any teeth that have had root canal treatment and the dentist recommended a crown for the necessary support, must be done within a period of no later than 3 months from the termination of the root canal.  Crowns or ceramic overlays are essential for all molar teeth, and the dentist will indicate in which cases they will be necessary for other teeth.  Any failed root canal treatments that cannot be retreated successfully by the dentist will normally require an extraction, and the costs already paid by the patient for their root canal can be credited towards subsequent treatments, for example, an extraction, implant and crown.  Root canal re-treatments are not covered under the guarantee.
  4. Crowns, Bridges, Inlays, Onlays, Overlays: Should any of the ceramic or porcelain shear or chip off, this will be repaired by composite resin if minor, or if more major the crown and bridge will be removed and an impression taken for a new one to be made by a dental laboratory or by our CEREC machine.
  5. Partial and Complete Removable Dentures: Should any teeth, acrylic or clasps break off the prosthesis during the guarantee period they will be replaced or repaired free of charge.  Any ‘immediate dentures’ (i.e. placed immediately after the extraction of teeth) are not covered under the guarantee, and the cost of the rebase is always charged separately.
  6. Orthodontics: For the guarantee to remain valid, the upper and lower fixed retainers must remain cemented on all the teeth, and any removable retainers prescribed by the orthodontist must be worn every night.  The patient must attend all orthodontic revision appointments as outlined by the orthodontist for the guarantee to remain valid.  The guarantee covers that the teeth should during the guarantee period look aesthetically pleasing (according to an independent orthodontists assessment, if necessary), and there should be a healthy occlusion (bite).  Any limitations of the treatment, explained by the orthodontist prior to beginning treatment will not be covered by the guarantee. 
Whitening: Whitening is the only treatment for which we cannot provide a time guarantee on because of the following reasons: the perception of colour is very subjective, genetically some people’s teeth whiten far more than others, people’s diet is varied and some people eat a lot of food that has a high staining potential.  The only thing we can guarantee is that if your dentist recommends whitening for you your teeth will at least whiten a little, but the extent varies from patient to patient.  Any exceptions to this rule will be stated by your dentist or hygienist prior to the commencement of this treatment.