Composite Fillings


30-90 mins

At R&H Dental we have a range of restorative filling options, and the good news is they can all be white, as we do not use any silver amalgam fillings which can be both toxic, as well as unaesthetic.

We do not use any cheap, generic filling materials, which haven't been vigorously tested and proven effective over the long run by the dental scientific community. We use only the best materials, which can cost us up to twice as much for us to buy, yet we don't pass these costs down to our patients, and our prices are locally very competitive. We insist on excellence, and don't take any short-cuts.

We are also experienced in offering porcelain 'inlays' or 'onlays' which can last up to three times longer than a conventional filling. The difference is this: when you have a white composite filling placed in your mouth, when we set it with a blue light, this causes a small amount of shrinkage in the filling material, and this shrinkage increases the likelihood of a micro-gap forming between the tooth and the filling material, letting bacteria to creap in and causing new decay.


Price range

Fillings are charged per number of tooth surfaces affected (1-5), as well as complexity, access & depth. The average price range is 99€ - 179€.

* Metal-free Guaranteed